Sony introduced the draft of the first wearable air conditioner

Sony launched a fundraiser for a project called Reon Pocket, a wearable air conditioner with heating function, compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

The gadget is attached to the back of the collar of a special T-shirt. It is powerful enough to reduce the temperature at the surface of the skin from 36 degrees Celsius to 23. In the Reon Pocket, a Bluetooth 5.0 module is installed, the device is controlled through the application: it not only has heating and cooling, but also an automatic switch on setting.

The new Sony product is aimed at Japanese businessmen who often work outdoors in the summer.

The company has already collected 45% of crowdfunding funds from the required 66 million yen (about 38 million rubles) in Japan.

The price of the gadget after the release will be 14,080 yen (about 8,200 rubles). The price includes Reon Pocket itself and a T-shirt in one of three sizes: S, M and L. The device is expected to appear in Japan in spring 2020.

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