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30 Oct 2018 Apple introduced the smart keyboard Pro for iPad. But it is possible not only to type text. In the hidden possibilities of the Smart Keyboard Folio dealt edition of Cult of Mac.

Almost every one of us takes screenshots, switches Windows and returns to the home screen with the keyboard. Smart Keyboard Folio is missing the top row of buttons, which is responsible for multimedia. To use the common functions, you just need to know the keyboard shortcuts. We list the main highlights.

1. Return to the home screen — a combination ⌘H

This action is the same as pressing the Home button on the old iPad, hides all application and opens the main screen.

2. Screenshot — combination option⌘3 or option⌘4

Pressing option-⌘3 is a screenshot from the whole screen, and this is similar to the simultaneous pressing of the power buttons and “Home” in the old tablets.

The combination option⌘4 more optional: the system will make a screenshot and immediately open an editor where the resulting image can be edited.

3. Activating Face ID — press on any key

If the screen of the new iPad Pro goes out, you can touch any button on the Smart Keyboard Folio, and the system Face ID from “Wake up”.

4. The opening of the Dock — the shortcut option⌘D

To open or close the Dock while working on the iPad, you have to simultaneously hold down the option, ⌘ and D.

5. Bar opens Spotlight — combination ⌘-space bar

To find something using Spotlight, you need to simultaneously press the ⌘ and the space bar.

This is a very convenient feature: in the Spotlight search screen, you can navigate through the results list to navigate documents, web pages, even play music without opening the app.

6. App switching — a combination ⌘-Tab

This command works the same as on a MacBook. Simultaneous pressing of the keys ⌘ and Tab shows the list of open applications. To move between them, continue holding ⌘ and press Tab.

Apple developers have come up with hot keys to work on the iPad as convenient as possible. The full list can be viewed by holding down the ⌘: after a short pause, the screen will display a list of all combinations available for use in an open application.

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