The application Vkontakte is back music

Apparently, negotiations between social network myspace and major record labels ended successfully. It became known that the application of the most popular social network in Russia again supports music playback.

Now playable tracks are not limited to 30-second introduction and a link to download the songs from iTunes Store, and are listened to in its entirety. In addition, music from the app you can listen in the background, managing the playlist even on the iPhone’s lock screen.


As you might guess, support downloading songs offline is not provided, since it is unlikely the movers and shakers of show business could take such a step. But in any case it is good that songs and albums you can listen to the app without any restrictions and completely free.

The feature is available now to all users in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and CIS countries. So if for you this question is relevant — congratulations with long-awaited news and we offer you to updated. But if for this reason at one point, uninstalled the app Vkontakte — its time to install it, link below.

Title: VK App
Publisher/developer: VKontakte
Price: Free
In app purchases: There are
Compatibility: For iPhone
Link: Set

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