The operator has shown what can the iPhone camera XS Max

Videographer Parker Walbeck demonstrated the capabilities of the iPhone camera XS Max. To do this, it recorded 4K video and mounted it on a smartphone. The result was awesome.

For shooting Walbeck used iPhone XS Max and a cell stabilizer, to improve the smoothness of the picture. The video was processed in a paid program FilMiC Pro.

According to operator, the iPhone XS Max dynamic range is much wider than the iPhone X, and is missing the shaking during the video. As an example, he showed a video which demonstrates a small shaking camera iPhone X during video recording. The third advantage of the iPhone XS Max Wolbeck called portability compared to conventional cameras.

Not without its drawbacks. Walbeck noted that the iPhone battery XS Max quickly runs out of power during shooting video, so he has to take portable battery. In long use in the sun smartphone noticeably heats up and it automatically decreases the screen brightness. The last disadvantage concerns the small sensor camera that gives a very concise picture.

End of the video Wolbeck added that he is not ready to use the iPhone camera XS Max. for commercial projects, but it is great for the family archive.

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