The U.S. Supreme court will consider the case of monopoly the App Store

The U.S. Supreme court will hear arguments by Apple and Pepper on the monopoly App Store and the fees that the company charges, writes The Verge.

The confrontation between Apple and Papper has been running since 2011. Papper accuses Apple that it monopolisitic distribution of applications on iOS since the App Store is the only official store to download games and programs, and retains 30% of the revenues of the developers. Because of this, application builders have to raise prices for users of the iPhone and iPad.

In response to these allegations, Apple said earlier that it has created a new competitive market, and only store the necessary security reasons. According to the company, only Apple employees can test the app for malware and other threats.

Earlier decision in the case handed down in favor of Apple, but last year he was sent to the Supreme court, which agreed to hear the views of the parties. In may 2018, the U.S. Department of justice sent a letter to the Supreme court in support of the Papper. If Apple lose this case, it is possible that she would have to pay a large fine.

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