Tips and advice: Apple AirPods can do much more than just play music

The most obvious way of using AirPods headphones ā€” connect to your smartphone and forget about them, just listening to the music. But who said that the accessory’s function was over? CNBC has offered several recommendations for users AirPods. And perhaps some of them will be useful to you.

How to talk to Siri

C Siri can talk, even without removing the smartphone from his pocket.

  • Open settings on your iPhone;
  • Select Bluetooth;
  • Press the “i” next to the AirPods;
  • In the section “Double-clicking on AirPod”, select “Siri” for left or right earphone.

How to manage music

Double tap right or left AirPod can skip songs, go back to last song or play and put tracks on pause.

  • Open settings on your iPhone;
  • Select Bluetooth;
  • Press the “i” next to the AirPods;
  • Select left or right earpiece;
  • In the section “Double-clicking on AirPod”, select “Play / Pause”, “Next track” or “Previous track”.

How to answer a phone call

  • Double-tap one of the AirPods;
  • When the call is over, double click on the earpiece to hang up.

How to connect AirPods to the Mac

AirPods seamlessly sync with your iPhone or Apple Watch. But Mac is a little more complicated:

  • Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen on your Mac;
  • Select “System settings”;
  • Open Bluetooth;
  • Now, when the two AirPods are in the case is charging, press and hold the white button on the package;
  • Select the AirPods from the Bluetooth menu on your Mac.

How to tie AirPods with the Apple Watch

If you want to listen to music or podcasts stored on your Apple Watch, smart watches sync with the headphones. And if you go for a run, need to take with you iPhone will disappear.

  • Put the two AirPods in the case of-charge;
  • Press and hold the small circular button at the rear, while between the AirPods are flashing white light;
  • Connect the device using the on-screen guide on the Apple Watch.

How to know the battery life AirPods on your iPhone

To determine the charge level of the AirPods can just glance at the iPhone screen. You need to create a widget:

  • Swipe right on iPhone home screen, navigate to the widgets page, iPhone;
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “Edit”;
  • Scroll down until you see widget Batteries in the available list, and click the green + button next to them;
  • Now, when you go to the widget screen, you will see the battery life of your AirPods when they are connected via Bluetooth. Immediately displays the current state of charge of the battery of the Apple Watch.

How to find the missing AirPods

  • Log in to your Apple account on;
  • Select “Find iPhone”;
  • In the “All devices” select the AirPods;
  • You will see them on the map;
  • Select the “Play sound” if you know that the headphones somewhere.


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