#Video: How to activate “Hey Siri” on your Mac

Few people do not know what is Siri on the iPhone. Not all use it, but statistics show that it is becoming increasingly popular. With the release of MacOS Sierra voice assistant and got to Mac, but not all know what to set “Hey Siri!” is now possible on it.

The setup process is simple and is literally a few steps.

You first need to open system settings. Then follow the settings of the keyboard and select the tab “Dictation”. There is need to fulfill one important condition, without which all this would not work. I’m talking about the point “Use enhanced dictation”. If this option not to put, even to continue with the remaining steps is not necessary, it will not work.

Then return to the main settings and follow the “Universal access”, where scrolls the menu to the “Dictation” in the “Interaction”. When the desired item is opened, you need to configure the key phrase of the dictation. In my case I configured the activation of the dictation on the word “Hey”, but you can assign any word.

There, in the settings panel, open the “dictation Commands” by clicking just above. Click the plus sign and add a new team. In my case, I’ve configured the word “Siri”. But when I say the word, do not open any particular program and work the keyboard combination. Here it is necessary to choose the combination that is responsible for calling Siri. Each is configured differently, and you can check this in settings Mac.

Now you can say “Hey” to start the dictation and “Siri” to activate the voice assistant. At least in my example, but you can set any words. So I did order it was like a challenge to Siri on the iPhone. When Siri launched, you can ask her to do something.

Not all of it will be useful, but now there is another way to interact with a computer without hands. So, for example, not sitting at the table, ask Siri to articulate weather or start the music.

In addition, you can configure the second word is not the call of an assistant, and run any program. For example, to run a customized phrase voice control and then ask to open a browser or another program.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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