Top 5 best apps for iOS Cult of Mac

Journalists, Cult of Mac called it the best apps of 2018 for the iPhone and iPad. We’ve gathered the five most interesting programs.

1Blocker X

The abundance of advertising on the Internet is not a joke can be annoying. To lock perfect 1Blocker X, which hides the ad image when using Safari on iOS devices. In addition, the application also blocks the window with a subscription offer on a particular site. 1Blocker X can be purchased at the link.


A simple and informative app with a clean interface aimed at creating texts and editing. The Agenda also allows you to create your own timetable and timeline for urgent jobs. The app is available for download here. It’s best to use on the iPad.

Affinity Designer

As previous, this app is designed for iPad. It is suitable for those whose work involves design of: Affinity Designer allows you to create a unique media with professional editing tools. Posters, logos and much more ā€” this program can handle it. It can be purchased here.

Drafts 5

Text editor, easily replaces a Pages or Google Docs. It features a simple interface that does not distract user from the work of unnecessary alerts and notifications. In addition, it is possible to select the recording format, be it email, a real letter, etc. to Buy 5 Drafts in the App Store.


One of the most popular photo editors for iOS could not be included in the list of journalists Cult of Mac. In 2018 it also came out on iPad. The application can work with a wide list of different photo formats, from RAW to PNG, and change them. The Darkroom can be purchased here.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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