Trump does not want to abandon the iPhone even in favor of national security

US President, Donald trump continues to use the iPhone, despite warnings from security services about possible wiretaps of Chinese and Russian spies, told The New York Times.

As journalists report, trump has three iPhone. Two have limited functions, as it was changed by the national security Agency (NSA), and the third is completely different from those on the market today. He makes posts on Twitter and stores the contacts of friends, which the NSA cannot come to terms.

Despite the fact that iOS is the most secure, today, system, it is not intended to prevent intrusion of the military class. Even when the President was informed about the wiretaps by the intelligence services of other countries, trump hasn’t changed his mind regarding the use of gadgets. According to sources The New York Times, the security service’s hope the US President will discuss a non-secure network for classified information.

The Protocol requires heads of state to change mobile device every 30 days, but trump ignored and this rule, as they found it too uncomfortable.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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