Users satisfied with Apple Watch interchangeable straps

Apple Watch started to sell, when the market had plenty of offers from other manufacturers. However, what really distinguishes the Apple Watch from many is the variety of choice. Customers could not only choose from 3 models hours, they were offered a variety of straps. It was a clever move of Apple, which worked, according to a recent survey Wristly.

Owners of the Apple Watch asked a few different questions. The responses showed that the majority of users are delighted with interchangeable straps. While three out of four respondents use the sports strap. 61% is owned by one strap, and at 25% for several of such straps.

The popularity of sports straps, probably due to their low cost. The second most popular is a Milanese bracelet preferred by 11% of owners of Apple Watch. This is the most accessible metal band. In third place is a prefabricated metal bracelet. It has attracted 6% of users hours.

Bristly also found that 23% of respondents plan to buy an additional strap from Apple, 20% happy to purchase a strap for their watches from other manufacturers, and 13% are ready to buy and those and others. 19% are ready to stop at the strap that they have already purchased, and 32% undecided.

As for satisfaction from the device, 46% admitted that they will be very difficult to abandon the use of Apple Watch, 39% less categorical to this concern, but also not in a hurry to take off the watch. There were, of course, and those who are planning to stop using the watch and those who have already stopped.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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