What will be the new Apple Watch and when to expect them?

The release of the Apple Watch third generation can already take place in the third quarter of 2017, according to analysts DigiTimes. The reason for this forecast was the report of an authoritative Chinese publication Economic Daily News, who told us about the launch of experimental production of the updated model. Watch, follows from the materials of colleagues, retain the same set of hardware specifications, while receiving a large capacity battery.

“Currently, the main goal of Quanta Computer (the partner of the manufacturer of hours ā€“ approx. AppleInsider.ru) is the energy efficiency of the Apple Watch, while maintaining the same processing power ā€” to the report. ā€“ Will the size or hours of their appearance, is not known. It is possible that the manufacturer will prefer to confine myself to a slight reduction in the thickness of the shell.”

On the likely plans of the company to reduce the thickness of the new Apple Watch became known from the published in December 2016 of the patent that describe how a more compact placement of internal components. This will be possible thanks to the removal of some modules outside the case then put in the straps. Reflow will allow for more free space inside the clocks for the integration of additional sensors and a more capacious battery.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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