Withings introduced the competitors of the Apple Watch Series 4 with the function of ECG

Withings has introduced three new products at day zero CES 2019 — BPM Core that can measure your blood pressure and EKG, the first analog smart watch with ECG Move ECG, and affordable collection of smart watches Move.

Two new products for the health Withings provide users with the ability to carry out an ECG at home as well as the Apple Watch Series 4. In this case, all the gadgets company unload the data in the Health app on iOS.

Withings BPM Core

BPM Core can measure blood pressure, ECG, and perform the functions of the stethoscope.

“Along with monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate device “three in one” measures EKG used to identify atrial fibrillation, severe irregular heart rhythm that can lead to heart failure, fatigue and shortness of breath, and is also the main symptom of stroke. Also, the digital stethoscope can provide early detection of valvular heart disease, characterized by damage to one of the four heart valves that may require surgical intervention to avoid heart failure”.

Withings BPM Core will go on sale in the second quarter of 2019 at a price of $ 250. Currently, the gadget is certified by FDA and CE.

Withings Move ECG

Move ECG is what the company calls “the world’s first analogue clock with recording of the electrocardiogram on a medical level.”

Externally, the model is similar to other analog smart watch Withings, such as Steel HR and’activité.

Move ECG uses three electrodes for obtaining an ECG. Two electrodes are discreetly built into the watch case, and a third frame of the gadget.

Impressive feature of the smartwatch Move ECG is a regular time of Autonomous operation — up to 12 months.

The device will go on sale in the second quarter of 2019 at a price of 130 USD, now it is also considered the FDA and CE.

Withings Move

A new series of Move offers affordable smartwatch with a long battery life up to 18 months, and also water-resistant to 50 m, sleep tracking and much more.

Watch Move is already available for pre-order at the manufacturer’s website at a price of US $ 70.

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