Xiaomi will conquer the planet, but not Apple76 review

How do you imagine the world that is captured by the technology company? In my eyes this is a world without choice, in which everything is lit the logo of the same brand. Today many devices flaunts the Apple logo the same company, but if someone will take over the world, most likely, it will make the Chinese company. Xiaomi coming closer every day towards this goal.

I recently purchased for personal use, the smartphone could be called iPhone 6c. This 5-inch Xiaomi Mi 4i. This smartphone comes in an attractive plastic case, with dual led flash, high quality FullHD screen and operating system MIUI based on Android. Does this smartphone minuses in comparison with iPhone? Full, and all of them can be attributed to the Android operating system. However, this smartphone comes with a beautiful interface, a huge number of small but very handy features, and it works perfectly with a huge number of devices from Xiaomi.

The smartphone boasts a large number of preset settings for each model of headphones that the company produces Xiaomi. Using a special app all smartphones from Xiaomi are working with a fitness bracelet Mi Band, which in addition to its main functions you can unlock the device without entering a password, if the Mi Band on your wrist. It is as convenient as Touch ID. You might be surprised, but the smartphone operates with a private cloud, Xiaomi, and Mi account gives access to the functions of backup and restore. All Apple, but I bought the smartphone only $ 230.

Well Apple sells its iPhone, but not all can afford it, while the Xiaomi has a solution for each. Moreover, even loyal iPhone users already have the device from Xiaomi. Mi Band and their external chargers attract buyers with great quality and very affordable price. For cost Chinese device you get a branded product of the company that is responsible for quality. Device with symbols painted on them, “Mi” fly like hot cakes.

What today, you can find a logo of Xiaomi? The company produces smart lamp, wifi routers, Bluetooth headsets, TVs, action cameras, smart air purifiers and water, not to mention smartphones and tablets. And never the company does not stop there. Recently the company unveiled not just a new version of Mi TV 3, it invited users to purchase a separate display and module with stereo speakers and throughout the smart filling. This module will be able to make any TV smart at a reasonable cost.

Immediately after the new version of TV, the company introduced gyrometer Ninebot mini, which is obscenely cheap. In November he will be sold for $ 314. This transport of the future, which will soon be able to afford everyone, and this is the key of success of Xiaomi. The company is ready to produce high-quality smart things that will make you bite your elbows. Every Xiaomi product is acceptable or of money, or amazingly cheap. Left to produce its own computers for a decent OS, and Apple will be ready to stay company for connoisseurs, and Xiaomi will become a company that produces products for all.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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