9.2 iOS is available for public beta testirovanie review

It would seem that recently the developers at Apple have given out on-mountain the first major update for the current version of iOS, and on the horizon is next updated build of 9.2. Earlier this week it became available to registered developers, but now the time has come and the participants of the open beta test iOS.

For anybody not a secret that iOS 9 has some problems with stability. However, the speed with which in Cupertino trying to solve them, can not but rejoice. The first beta version of 9.2 that was released recently for developers to use today became available to users. Those who have already participated in the program, will get to it by using the tab “software Update” section of the “Main” menu of “Settings” after installing the proper certificate, all the rest were offered pre-registration on a special website Apple. According to the description, the new version not only addresses the problem but also brings innovations to existing features, such as Safari View Controller, which now supports add-ons from third party developers, and also got advanced features for working with web sites.

And now I will allow myself a bit of lyrics. From software failures, periodically adding a headache to programmers, no one is immune. Nothing pleasant in most of these failures, of course not, but to believe that the company did not attempt to improve the work of its most successful and, concurrently, the most profitable product, it would be somewhat naive. Another thing is that Apple itself has accustomed audiences to quality, so any more or less problematic the issue itself becomes almost a sensation. Extensively revised for the seventh version of the OS was “a tough nut” from the point of view of optimizing for the entire range, which is expanding much faster due to the release of several iPhone and iPad models.

On the other hand, to leave everything unchanged it was not: it is human nature to remember the good times, and many of those who are today nostalgic for the old iOS versions, the times criticized its lack of functionality. Not superfluous to recall the early days of the system, which had become a model of stability. Of course, then Apple was lacking the required experience, but also range together with the set of technologies “under one roof” was much more modest. Done at the El Capitan excellent work shows that Apple is not sitting idle; in the case of iOS 9 debugging, probably was a bit more complicated. And if properly to reflect, controversial releases were in the past — the same Mac OS X Snow Leopard, which was already a “zero” innovations, was designed to correct the mistakes of some not too successful predecessors.

From experience iOS, you can find reason for optimism is soon lapping of new generations to the mind must come to its logical conclusion, and if Cupertino will be able to combine the increasing functionality with the notorious stability, the competitors once again will have nothing to say, and we — have nothing to complain about. Well, almost.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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