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Recently a huge interest in streaming music services. With the easy flow of Apple, this issue has become one of the most discussed on the Net. Increasingly, there are comments from dissatisfied users, who cancelled a subscription to Apple Music, who chose the competitor’s products. But due to the variety of services to choose the best turned out to be extremely difficult.

If you like to listen to music on their iPhone, iPad or iPod everywhere, regardless of circumstances in the form of memory and other streaming threads of your choice. Most likely, the preferences in choosing services, many of our readers already well established, but some are interested in this topic only with the release of Apple Music.

Today as our test subjects will perform the following services: Google Play Music, Yandex.Music, Spotify. Originally Pandora was also on this list, but tinkering with VPN each time you run scared yours truly.

Google Play Music

This service offers new users in half a year to listen to unlimited amount of tracks absolutely for free, while not cutting quality. So, everyone will be available to over 30 million audiozapisey the bitrate up to 320 Kbit/s. in addition, the Internet giant offers its customers a free to store up to 50,000 songs without a subscription.

With regard to subscription fees in Russia, it is only 189 rubles. Apple Music, surprisingly, is 20 rubles cheaper, but suffers a lower bitrate and does not allow nepodpisanija to save your favorite tracks. In addition, “Google Music” provides free access to a limited library, nor does it allow to move freely on the tracks. However, for the extra 20 USD you get a superb online radio that would not be equivalent from Apple (Beats 1 available for Russian ID). It is a pity that the Google + app for iOS is not the most comfortable, unlike the Android version.


Most domestic service from today. Certainly one of its main advantages is the absolutely free desktop version. Opening “Music” in the browser, you can listen to the entire library of songs, anything for it without paying. However, there is at this service and a number of disadvantages. First, significantly fewer tracks. Your humble servant has not found the “Yandex”, the new Powerwolf album, and most songs rave band Little Big. In this I was disappointed, and the meaning for the search for disappeared by itself. Secondly, the impossibility of translation from the application without payment of subscription. Greed — not the best trait.

The price of a monthly subscription by Yandex.Music is $ 149 rubles (when paying through the app – 169) that is very affordable. Into the hands of the service played absolutely free the web version. But paying for a subscription, you gain the ability to stream online radio and save your favorite audio. The claimed bitrate 320 Kbps complied, but fans of lossless formats will be disappointed. Perhaps to pay for the Yandex service is hardly worth it, especially if you prefer to listen to songs of unknown artists. But the interface is quite nice, although something resembling the Apple Music, which, of course, you can not put him.


The real king in the world of streaming services, which, unfortunately, is not available to Russian users. For the sake of gaining access to a giant library, numbering about 40 million tracks, you’ll need to use VPN technology. With its help it is possible to trick the service, which will decide whether you are in the States or New Zealand, and will open registration. To the proxy method will be executed only once, but Spotify will occasionally scold you that you are too much “travel” the world and not come home (in the States).

Now about the system. In order to become a full subscriber and use all its advantages, once a month you will have to pay 9,99 dollar. For “our” man such wastefulness could prove intolerable luxury, considering the current dollar exchange rate. But for those who like to save there is a way – the service offers to listen to music absolutely free, limiting you to the quality thereof, and the ability to rewind tracks. I hasten to assure readers: if you are not an audiophile with perfect pitch, the difference you hardly notice, but are constantly losing weight purse – easily.

If you do decide to pay, you get a whole heap of all sorts of “chips and devices”. Among them “live” playlists, which create the musicians Spotify to its clients; the lyrics, which are so useful when trying to imitate the performer; Spotify Connect lets you control music from multiple devices on the same network; Spotify Running, searching rhythmic music for runners, can easily life.

However, to deal with this diversity of functions is often difficult due to several complicated app. But if you manage to grab a promo subscription for 0.99 USD/month, you will be the happiest person.


They will not. Without your comments, the picture will not be complete. Please share with us which services you prefer and why? How much money monthly you are willing to pay for an unlimited music library? Tell me, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the above services were not mentioned?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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