American has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the cut to the iPhone XS Max

A resident of the United States have sued Apple because I was sure that the iPhone XS Max there is no cutout in the upper part of the device. That’s why she bought a smartphone. However, when she unpacked it, she got a nasty surprise.

Beginning iPhone X, Apple uses the cutout in the display to accommodate the front camera and sensors for face recognition. However, many marketing images Apple this cut is hidden. The company uses the black background to merge with the neckline and create the effect of a fully frameless screen.

In its lawsuit, Courtney Davis accuses Apple that its advertising introduces the buyer. She faced it when I bought the iPhone XS Max. The plaintiff was sure that the smartphone does not have the cutout in the screen, so bought it.

In his statement, Davis also claims that Apple incorrectly counts the number of pixels in a smartphone. In her opinion, the company should not consider the pixels at the corners of the device, because they are rounded.

Davis is looking for like-minded people to achieve collective action. Business Insider writes that in this case, it may take years before the case will be considered and there are no guarantees that a class action lawsuit ever go to trial.

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