Apple can split iTunes into a podcast app and Apple Music

According to the developer Steve Trouton-Smith, with the release of the new macOS 10.15, the Cupertin players can release separate applications for music and podcasts.

In his Twitter account, Trouton-Smith said that Apple is working on new applications Music, Podcasts and Books for macOS based on UIKit. Most likely this means that the company is going to share iTunes for Mac, where all the podcasts, music, movies and TV shows are currently located.

Earlier, Troughton-Smith had already shared Apple’s plans, based on his predictions of studying the code of current OS versions, and later they were confirmed.

Sharing iTunes can be one of Apple’s first steps towards creating cross-platform apps on iOS and Mac.

Apple is expected to introduce macOS 10.15 along with iOS 13 at WWDC 2019, which starts June 3.

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