Apple has launched the website “Universal access” for Russian users [video]

During a recent presentation in Cupertino Apple CEO Tim cook announced the launch of a specially created website, based on people with disabilities. Today, this site became available to users in Russia at Its content reflects the principle of Apple: the technology should be available to all.

An important distinction of modern technology — they can be used by everyone, including people with disabilities. With their help, anyone can work, to be creative, to communicate, to keep in shape and have fun.

App “Training” on the Apple Watch

Alanna flax-Clark, participant of competitions on equestrian sport, is your Activity to maintain physical fitness. In the Apple Watch has a fitness algorithms for people in wheelchairs. Applications are now “Training” and “Activity” can track the repulsion hands instead of steps.

Switch Control on your Mac

Sadie Paulson, Director, creating movies in Final Cut Pro on Mac by using Switch Control. Switch Control allows you to control items on the screen using a switch, joystick or other adaptive devices.

Live listen on the iPhone

Win Whittaker — guide to the highlands. The function of “Live-listening” and hearing AIDS Made for iPhone help him to communicate wherever noisy, and in cafes, and on top of the mountain. The function “Live listen” allows you to use your iPhone and a hearing aid Made for iPhone for communication in noisy places. Bring your iPhone closer to the source, and built-in microphone will help you to better hear his speech.

VoiceOver on iPhone

Mario Garcia takes photographs and uses VoiceOver to take pictures of his family. VoiceOver will tell about everything that is displayed on the screen even when the user photographs. And when viewing images it can recognize facial expressions, landscape and individual objects.

The function “speak Screen” on iPad

Clevian studying in the fourth grade and is a function of “Screen aloud” for reading books, fairy tales and books of adventure. If it easier for the user to perceive the information on hearing function “Screen aloud” can read the text books, homework or web page.

The HomeKit-enabled accessories

Thanks to Siri, you can control devices that support HomeKit using voice commands. If the user wants to turn on the lights, make coffee or to raise the blinds, just have to ask.

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