Apple: iPad Pro 2018 is easy to bend, but this is not a defect

After iPad Pro 2018 went on sale, users began to publish in the social network of the complaints that got the device already slightly bent.

Now the company has officially confirmed that some devices come with a “very slight bend in the aluminum chassis”, but the manufacturer does not consider it a defect.

Apple explains this is a side effect of the manufacturing process and assures that the bending will not affect the performance.

“Apple has confirmed that some iPad Pro 2018 are produced with a very slight bend in the aluminum housing. But, according to the company, this is a side effect of the manufacturing process of the device and should not bend more over time or negatively affect the performance of the flagship iPad. The company does not consider it a defect,” reports The Verge.

The Verge also notes that Apple has provided one of the tablets with a curved chassis to the engineering team of the company could investigate the problem.

According to the report, the problem may be more pronounced in LTE-version of the iPad Pro due to the line of the antenna, which separates the two sections of metal. It is here that some users have noticed the bending.

“Apple has not talked about the fact that the detected flaw is restricted to LTE versions of the iPad Pro, but some customers Wi-Fi models also claim that they got the tablets with curves”, – said the journalists.

Apple decided to comment on this issue after social networks began to complain, and in various forums it was suggested that the new iPad Pro is very easy to break compared to the previous tablet of the company. In addition, famous video blogger jerryrigeverything once posted a video on YouTube in which he bent the iPad Pro in half.

Apple’s statement that curved chassis is not a defect likely to cause a negative reaction from many buyers because the cost of the iPad Pro 2018 starts from 800 USD.

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