Apple is working on 3D cameras for the iPhone 2020

Apple is in talks with partners about the supply of three-dimensional Time-of-Flight sensors for iPhone 2020 cameras. Reports the edition about it DigiTimes.

Vertical resonator surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) Time-of-Flight (ToF) is similar to TrueDepth's infrared camera system, which is used to unlock the Face ID in actual flagship iPhone and iPad Pro models.

But the 3D VCSEL ToF sensor will allow you to create a more accurate three-dimensional map of space – compared to conventional cameras that create volumetric images based on parallax. This will open up new opportunities for application developers with augmented reality.

The main difference between ToF and TrueDepth is work over long distances. The face recognition sensor works in the range of several inches, and the ToF 3D camera can scan the space at a distance of several meters.

Back in November last year, TFI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote that Apple will launch an iPad with a 3D camera in early 2020 and will introduce this technology into the iPhone in the fall.

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