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Recently the U.S. Patent Office has published new information about the Apple’s new invention. It is a multifunctional dock with magnetic attachment.

Patent application entitled “Magnetic stand for electronic devices” was filed in the winter of 2013, but received approval only now. In the description of the invention is some sort of stand with the system and not only magnetic mounts for iPad.

As shown in the following figures, a foldable, the tool is able to adopt different positions. In addition, the presence of the thread and clamps involves attaching stand with the iPad to tripods, treadmills, and car dashboard. The document also included a hybrid design with two tablets connected in the manner of books.

At the moment it is not known about Apple’s plans to bring to market his new invention. However, increased the company’s interest in tablet computers is obvious. In favor of this also say the recently announced iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard and pen Pencil designed for professional use. It is assumed that the new patent may be indirectly associated with the operation Pro-tablet, with a new system of connectors for external docking stations.

iPad Pro, new stylus and keyboard will go on sale next month. However, Russian users will find a nasty surprise: Smart Keyboard will not be presented in the variant with Cyrillic layout.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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