Apple patents the MacBook clamshell with a solid body

According to the publication Patently Apple, Tim cook doesn’t stop at favorite user design laptops.

In the patent portfolio Apple was discovered an interesting document that describes the design of the laptop with a bendy train. According to the resource, on a similar mechanism of Corporation 2013. And only now the European patent office has issued to the American manufacturer the patent for the invention. The latest changes to the application include a description and underline the useful properties of such a diffusing element in the MacBook.

According to the description of the technology in the patent, when using a diffusing plume the whole body of laptop can be created from a single piece of the same material.

Apple patent is very similar to the mechanism implemented by Microsoft in 2015, Surface Book. In the device, the company from Redmond, this technology is called “dynamic hinge”. In Surface Book plume is bent when the user opens the laptop, and also allows you to attach the screen to the keyboard unit by different parties, transforming the Surface Book tablet with touch controls.

Apple describes its invention is quite simple:

It can be a laptop created from a single piece of rigid material with a flexible part which is approximately in the middle. This flexible element will allow the body to bend and act on “clamshell” in the finished device.

In addition to increased flexibility, the new technology will simplify the process of creating laptops. When using material with a different degree of flexibility, Apple will be able to create the entire body MacBook from the same material and using its distinctive properties.

Despite the fact that the original inventors patent Apple filed back in 2013, until there is no data about the appearance of the laptop with a new lid actuator.

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