Apple preparing new iMac with USB-C, Mac Pro graphics Radeon Pro and the updated MacBook 490 in 2017

Apple is preparing a major update of the Mac computers in 2017, including a new model of iMac computers, professional workstations and Mac Pro and laptops MacBook and MacBook Pro. On Tuesday reported the news Agency Bloomberg, citing its own sources.

Presentation of the new iMac is expected early next year. According to preliminary data, the new monoblock computers of the Apple will get Intel Kaby Lake, up to Core i7, 32GB RAM and Fusion Drive capacity of 2 TB. iMac sample 2017 will boast USB ports a-C and new AMD graphics.

Next year is also expected to update the Mac Pro, the release of which took place in late 2013. The new generation of desktops, according to rumors, will debut in may. Apple hasn’t updated the Mac Pro since the presentation of the car at WWDC 2013, which even led to conversations about the refusal of the further development of the most powerful computers on macOS. The sources denied this information. It is expected that the updated “proshek” in addition to the new processors and ports USB-C will include high-performance graphics card Radeon Pro 490.

Also in 2017 is expected, light update 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro. Devices get more powerful stuffing and a more capacious battery.

Among other possible innovations of the year – the signature keyboard Magic Keyboard with touch bar Touch Bar as the new MacBook Pro. However, her release is still under question.

Apple has traditionally refused to comment on information about new products of the company. But on Monday, Tim cook in his note to employees denied rumors that the company is going to abandon the Mac, and promised a “magnificent desktop computers”.

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