Apple received a patent for the strap-chameleon for Apple Watch

Apple is developing a wrist strap for Apple Watch that can adapt to the color of the clothes of the owner. The company has already received a corresponding patent.

Patent and trademark office approved Apple’s new patent. The company’s engineers have developed a strap that changes color depending on the clothing of the user.

The next band consists of multiple light pipes, which are equipped with LEDs. They can work independently from each other, displaying a different color or showing one color.

In the patent Apple States that each light tube can have unique characteristics that affect how color is displayed. Shape, thickness, opacity, and material can be changed to create a different effect.

It remains unclear how such a strap would affect the autonomy of the Apple Watch, as well as how practical it will be.

Apple gets patents for devices and technologies which remain in the experimental stage, so there is no guarantee that the company will release this strap.

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