The detection of the fall in the Apple Watch launches about emergency calls at ski resorts

Apple Watch Series 4 is a very useful feature to save the life of the user. Finding a hard fall, the watch will help if necessary call emergency services. But I think it may accidentally work even at ski resorts.

The emergency centres at the ski resorts in Colorado to receive false reports of injuries because of the operation of this function. The problem is that not all skiers pay attention to the signals sent to the clock ā€” they just shake and continue to ride on the slopes. And at this time emergency dispatchers scrambling through the snow to the mountain and try to find “victims” on the GPS.

You can understand the rescuers in their indignation: after all, it’s completely normal to ski, and in the process fall. But in defense of the Apple Watch Series 4 for example, that require hours to find the nuances in a particular drop would be too much.

By the way, the function of fall detection is disabled by default. Only if the user in the activation process will set the age of “65 years and over”, it will run independently. And to explain the situation on the resort is probably the fact that the users set the function manually, I forgot about it and went skiing.

According to Bonnie Collard, the chief of dispatching service of Vail, this is a problem because of the fake calls of rescuers may miss a really important message about accidents or injuries.

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