Apple reminded the staff about the dismissal of information leakage

Apple sent a long memo to its employees. In it the company talks about the consequences if the worker will tell secret information to the media, according to Bloomberg.

In 2017, according to Apple, 29 people said secret information. 12 of them were arrested. “These people not only losing their jobs but may face difficulty finding a new job,” — said in a statement.

The note refers to cases when the media got unwanted information. This leak iOS 11 GM, which had disclosed details of iPhone X. the Recent leak about the changes iOS 12 also proved to be undesirable. The report said that Craig Federighi shared this information with one of the employees, which told the media.

Apple recalled that the leaked information could adversely affect the sales of the current products and will give competitors the opportunity to prepare for output of the product. “We want to tell the customer why our product is great, and not to someone else doing it for us,” — said in a note.

Apple has always been a secret, but the growth of the leakage became more difficult to control. In 2012, Tim cook said that Apple is going to “double down on secrecy of products,” but every year, details about the new products leak before launch.

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