Apple Watch Edition for $ 10,000 do not support watchOS 5

After WWDC 2018, it became known that the first Apple Watch will not receive the update to watchOS 5. To install the system by the owners of the Apple Watch Series 1 and later models.

Along with the first Apple Watch, watch OS 5 support lost Apple Watch Edition — the most expensive watch that has ever been released by the company. First saw them in 2015, when the Apple was attracted to the advertisement of celebrities. Owners of Apple Watch Edition was Drake, Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams.

Apple Watch Edition cost from 10 000 to 17 000 dollars. From a regular hours, version Edition was distinguished by premium materials. Customers also receive around the clock support and warranty to three years.

The company never told how much was sold of premium hours. But a year later Apple stopped production of the Apple Watch Edition. Now the most expensive watches in the online Apple store is the Apple Watch with ceramic case at a price of 1299 dollars (in Russia they are not sold).

WatchOS 5 there is a mode walkie-talkie and more advanced types of training. The beta version of the system turned some hours in “bricks”, so Apple has withdrawn a test firmware.

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Clifton Nichols

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