Apple Watch will become the leader in the world

Neither Tim cook, nor other top managers of Apple does not tell you how long the company has been able to sell their smartwatch to date. So we have to be content with what analysts say, at least their data, as a rule, the most approached to the real. And according to experts from IDC, Apple Watch is properly stirred up the market of wearable electronics.

According to analysts, in 2015 sold 13 million devices on iOS. This allowed the Apple Watch to win more than half the world market, while its closest pursuer hours platform Android Wear, only 15 % of the market.

Analysts say that by 2019 the sales of smart hours from Apple will grow from 13 million to 45 million units. It will be an absolute record on the market. However, Android Wear, probably, too will be a success ā€” shipped 34 million gadgets.

What Apple Watch required such a high degree of distribution? First, the novelty ā€” everyone was wondering what the company will introduce in the field of wearable electronics. Also, do not forget that most users of Apple Watch ā€” iPhone owners. And the number of buyers of smartphones from Apple is growing year after year.

Next year in Cupertino, most likely, will present the second generation of the Apple Watch, which should turn the market, as it did at the time of the iPad 2.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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