AirPods — the biggest failure of Apple this year?

AirPods — the biggest failure of Apple this year?

AirPods wireless headphones was unveiled by Apple this fall, and the company has already managed to postpone the start of sales of the device indefinitely. According to the technology giant, the product is still not ready for users and is now undergoing the final “run-in”. However, far not the fact that the AirPods can be purchased before the end of this year.

Journalists, citing its own sources reported that the production of the headphones will only begin this month, which means the first customers will receive the coveted device until mid-January. Moreover, the party will be small, and for everyone AirPods just is not enough.

A similar story happened with Apple in 2014. Then the company introduced a brand new Mac Pro (the most “bucket”), but to buyers of computers made it only a few months. Fans of custom bikes at all waited for six months. Analysts have dubbed this situation as “the biggest failure of the year.” For some reason the Mac Pro is so late, by the way, is still unknown. One of the options — because computers made in USA and not in China.

Now place the Mac Pro may well be AirPods. If Apple never promised the appearance of the headphones to a specific date, it is unlikely that someone would claim it. Now thousands of iPhone owners looking forward to when the device will be on sale.

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