Apple, what happened to the Mac mini?

The Mac mini is a unique computer that somehow uninteresting Apple. The last version was released four years ago, and the update waiting for at least two years.

Apple, what happened to the Mac mini?
The Mac mini was introduced in 2005. Since then his concept has not changed: it’s just a computer without a keyboard, mouse and monitor. It is assumed that the buyer of the Mac mini it’s all there, and if not, he can buy what he needs. On accessories you can save some money, especially considering current prices.

But most importantly, it is the most affordable computer on macOS. The system is not restricted in any way, unlike the Windows 10 S Surface Laptop, and the prices start from 30-35 thousand RUB This computer is not for those who need maximum performance. It is suitable for users who need to surf the Internet, watch videos, work documents and to communicate in social networks, such as the majority.

Since the presentation computer has been updated almost every year. In 2014, he published the latest version of the Mac mini. Even at that time criticized the new model, because it abandoned many things that are appreciated by owners of previous generations. For example, it was impossible to replace the RAM and HDD to SSD. Instead, Apple still offers a 4 or 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB HDD or 1 TB Fusion Drive.

Apple, what happened to the Mac mini?

The maximum configuration of the Mac mini on the official site is 73 990 rubles For 8 GB of RAM you can close your eyes, because the target audience this computer is no longer necessary. But to install a 1 TB Fusion Drive in 2018 should be ashamed. For this money you can buy a younger version of MacBook Pro or MacBook.

While Tim cook and Phil Schiller in 2017, stated that the Mac mini is very important to the company. But unfortunately, after that any action by Apple is not followed.

I hope that in 2018, the Mac mini update. Apple need to show major changes to justify the four-year expectations. Ideal if left the same form factor and have done little configuration with Intel Kaby Lake, 8 GB RAM, SSD and a price tag not more than 40 thousand.

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