Apple will report on the results of the first fiscal quarter of 2017 31 Jan

All we are interested in how well the Christmas holidays are over for Apple, as many customers decided to give your family a iPhone, well began selling the new MacBook Pro and did a new advertising campaign to increase sales of the Apple Watch during the holiday season. Some of it we will find out on January 31. On this day Apple will report on the results of the first fiscal quarter of 2017.

Information on the upcoming quarterly report appeared on the website of Apple for investors. Tim cook gives the financial performance and answer some of the questions in the conference call.

The first financial quarter of 2017 includes October, November and December. At this time people are buying gifts family, friends, and yourself. It is also a time of sales of new products from Apple, released in late 2016.

The results should be good, and definitely results ready Apple the envy of many tech companies. But Tim cook needs to show investors that the company is ready to beat your own records.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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