Black Friday: discount on accessories from AliExpress

Today, November 23, begins the largest sale of the expiring 2018. Traditionally, the shops and malls entice the buyer a huge inscription “SALE” with the discount percentage and the crossed out price tags. In this article, we picked up useful accessories with the “thinner” price is straight from AliExpress.

Hurry, offers are limited!



Universal desktop mount holder aluminum for iPhone and iPad. Will please design fans of the iMac. Stand is available in four colors: black, pink, silver and red.


Buy from 242р.

BR 360

Holder for iPhone with the ability to adjust the level of tilt, the creators of which was inspired by Magic Trackpad and iMac keyboard. You are able to choose from black and white.


Buy from 230r.


Aluminum holder for smart phones with a handy slot for charging the gadget. The seller offers to choose from four color options: grey, white, gold and pink.


Buy from 216р.

Wireless chargers

Xiaomi Qi

Wireless charging from Xiaomi simply design in black color. Connects with a USB cable,-C, and the surface is coated with a special anti-slip material.


Buy from 1014р.

Baseus Dual

Charging which can simultaneously charge two smartphones in the air is a great choice for those who have home not one smartphone with wireless charging function. You can choose the black or white.


Buy from 1912р.

Baseus 2in1

Wireless charger, which provides for the possibility to simultaneously charge the iPhone and Apple Watch.


Buy from 1065р.


Budget option from Baseus in a compact chassis — perfect for bedside tables. The seller offers a choice of two colors: black and white.


Buy from 661р.

Universal charging cables

Oatsbasf keychain

Convenient universal charging cable in the form factor of a keychain, hang it on the keys and for all solve the problem of forgotten leads. Choose from black, white and red colors.

Buy from 471р.

Oatsbasf stick

Another option for fans to forget the cord to charge, just throw it in the bag — problem with a forgotten cable solved! There is a choice of four colours, among them a monolithic black or bright red.


Buy from 419р.


Convenient cord for recharging in the format of charms for the keys made of artificial leather. There is a choice of black, brown or pink.


Buy from 244р.



Combined cases with heel textile and faux leather, you can choose from a combination of black and blue, brown and light grey. There are options for iPhone X, 8, 8+, 7, 7+, 6S and 6S+.


Buy from 487р.


Ultrathin cases from Baseus, for those who like unobtrusive transparent covers. Case available for the iPhone X to XS and XS is Max with a choice of faces of four colors: white, black, blue, red and gold.


Buy from 258р.


Another option for those who don’t like to hide the appearance of the smartphone case with back tempered glass with black or white frames. There is a version for iPhone 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS, Max XS and XR.


Buy from 240r.

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Clifton Nichols

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