Company a trillion dollars: what will happen to Apple this year

Last year, some analysts expected that in the coming months, Google and Amazon can beat Apple in the race for the prestigious title of the world’s first company with a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion. However, if you look at the numbers, we rather agree with the expert company Asymco Horace Dediu, who predicted that Tim cook the company will reach this goal first and it will happen in mid 2017.

Despite some slowdown, the range of hardware products Apple continues to bring stable high income. However, according to analysts, to achieve important milestones, the company will help another area of business where Apple recently demonstrated impressive progress.

This, of course, talking about intangible products — services, which Tim cook has repeatedly referred to the promising and promising part of the business of the company. For all time of existence of online services the company’s direction brought her more than $ 100 billion earned from sales of music, apps and subscriptions. It is expected that this year the revenue from this area will increase significantly, bringing the Apple to the sacred figure.

Incidentally, in the present capitalization of Apple is 630 billion to $ 564 billion from Alphabet and 379 from Amazon. I have to wait six months and check whether the correct forecast Dedu.

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