Comparing the iPhone’s camera X and previous iPhone models

On the test surveys, prepared by the portal Mashable, great technological progress can be traced in the work of the Apple with the cameras of their devices.

For many iPhone today is better than a camera. First and foremost, this is due to the compactness of the smartphone. And no need to carry additional gadgets for shooting, because the phone everyone is always at hand.

Some experts believe that with the right camera settings, and special applications, you can achieve similar with semi-professional photographic equipment. *

Below are the results of tests cameras all versions of iPhone, from 2G and ending with X in various environments.

Street shooting

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In the picture with the iPhone 2G you might notice the apparent predominance of “cold” blue colors. While the photos taken on the iPhone X, as close as possible to the picture that the human eye sees.

For indoor scenes

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In this series of photographs can be traced as the iPhone from model to model is the improved handling of dynamic range. To do this, you should pay attention to the colored cubes.


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The ability to shoot a selfie with the front camera of the smartphone has appeared only starting from the 4th model of the iPhone. If you look to the obtained results, the processing the color and tone of the skin, things are not so clear as in the previous test set.

Shooting in poor light conditions

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Certainly one of the most important tests for any smartphone camera is shooting in low light conditions. During the work of the Apple with the device’s camera, managed to achieve impressive results in the treatment of this type of photos.

iPhone X is equipped with dual 12-megapixel camera with wide-angle (aperture ƒ/1.8) and telephoto (aperture ƒ/2.4). The device has optical and 10x digital zoom and dual optical image stabilization.

Have a front facing 7-megapixel camera with ƒ/2.2 aperture is a function of automatic image stabilization.

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