Comparison: can the iPhone XR to compete with the iPhone XS in photo quality

Journalist AppleInsider Max Yuryev told why the iPhone is inferior iPhone XR XS and XS Max.

The lack of a dual camera — one of the key differences iPhone XR from the more expensive flagships. With prolonged use of two devices, the difference is striking. Yuryev held with iPhone XR a month, after which he returned to XS Max for the best photo opportunities of the device. He identified several arguments.

Quality zoom

Due to the presence of a telephoto lens, iPhone XS can zoom twice without losing quality and up to 10 times in the digital mode. IPhone XR zoom only digital, and only five times. Sometimes this is important — for example, when shooting wildlife and animals.

Quality portrait photosFor high-quality background blur need a second lens — and here iPhone again XR has nothing to offer. Its wide-angle camera gives improbable effect. In addition, iPhone XR is not able to capture portrait photographs of objects in the standard “Cell”. Mode works only when taking pictures of people. This unpleasant restriction, which Apple mentioned only in passing.

Quality shooting portraits in the dark

This script is the only serious advantage of the iPhone XR. Since telephoto lens iPhone XS has a small diaphragm, it doesn’t handle dark scenes. iPhone XR using wide-angle and bright lens, in such cases, shoots better and faster. However, people do not often do portrait shots in such conditions.

According to St. George, photo enthusiasts should definitely choose the iPhone XS iPhone XS or Max. But for your money iPhone XR is also good — in the end, the smartphone takes the first place in the ranking of DXoMARK, in competition with the Google Pixel 3.

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