Disney introduced the game based on the movie “the Last hero: the heroes of Belogorie”

Disney released a mobile game “the Last hero: the heroes of Belogorie”, the story is set 10 years before the events of the movie. The premiere is planned for later this month.

As planned by the developers, the player is an ordinary citizen of a modern metropolis, miraculously caught in a fairytale world inhabited by characters of Russian folk tales. He will have to manage the development of the city and fight hordes of enemies.

ā€” To subdue villains and lead the town to prosperity, the player will not be alone, and in the company of epic heroes ā€“ Ilya Muromets and Dobrynya Nikitich. Hero to build his Palace, to develop in the capital of crafts, to train warriors and send them to battle with the evil done.


  • The action takes place in a fantasy world of Disney movie “Last hero” with your favorite heroes and villains;
  • The construction of his own Palace with a unique layout;
  • Original graphic style, good stories;
  • Developed a multi-tiered system of crafts;
  • A convenient aid to friends in the game;

The game is available for users of devices on iOS and Android.

Download “the Last hero: the heroes of Belogorie” on iOS.

Download “the Last hero: the heroes of Belogorie” on Android.

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