Dock station Satechi Aluminum Mini Docking Station solve the problem of shortage of connectors in MacBook

Many owners of Mac computers lacking built-in ports and connectors to connect the necessary periphery. Manufacturers of accessories is perfectly grasped and regularly delight users of different docking stations designed to correct this fault. The company’s range Satechi device has been enriched with Aluminum Mini Docking Station, which will like all fans of Apple’s design.

From the title immediately clear that this docking station is made of aluminum and does not occupy much space. We are talking about a device with dimensions of 94 x 94 x 44.5 mm. the Novelty is focused on Mac users, allows you to connect to the computer a variety of devices.

Computer owners in the face of the Aluminum Mini Docking Station to get access to four USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, DVI, HDMI and audio Jack. To PC docking station connects through a special cable which is included (at the device connector USB Type-B). Allowed horizontal or vertical position of the docking station.

Retail price Satechi Aluminum Mini Docking Station is 169 dollars.

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