Error with AirPods is not the first in the history of Apple

There are many reasons to love the presentation from Apple. Of course, they are quite interesting. And we really like the fact that the company shows products that can be purchased immediately or in the near future. Unfortunately, so happens not always, sometimes Apple makes mistakes and demonstrates the product that it cannot sell. For example you need not go far.

We still can’t use AirPods that were shown in the September presentation (although it can order). The output of these headphones on sale has been postponed indefinitely due to the fact that Apple has problems with their production. It tells us that the company showed us the unfinished product. The company revealed the earphones that have not been manufactured and tested. What to do so?

Different companies announce unfinished products, which may never come out, come out with significant changes and after a large amount of time. This is done in order to indicate their plans for expansion into a specific market.

In the summer, Google demonstrated Google Home. No one knew when the device is finally released, but who do not want to buy such a solution from Amazon, waited for the device from Google. The company made clear to its clients that it is worth the wait and the product will appear. The company has made it clear that the work in this direction is underway.

Of course, customers do not like to wait, but many believe that Apple demonstrated AirPods wireless headphones Beats X in order for the users to delay the purchase of wireless headphones from other manufacturers. Everything else, the iPhone 7 was in need of wireless headphones, and Apple needed to prove the occurrence of the wireless era. The problem that the company faced unexpected difficulties.

We assume that Apple was forced to provide a product that is not ready to exit. However, history tells us that Apple doesn’t always allow for such mistakes under the pressure of circumstances. Suffice it to recall a couple of examples.

At the end of 2012, Apple revealed an updated iMac that was supposed to go on sale a month after the announcement. Alas, the partners Apple was not ready for such period, and the output of the computer was too late. It should be noted that we are not talking about any new and important market for Apple. The company only updated the existing line of computers, but decided to provide a product that was not ready.

Such mistakes were made not only Tim cook, but Steve jobs. Remember how long the world waited for the iPhone 4 in white color. To produce it was harder than to invent. 7 Jun 2010 he was shown the iPhone 4. On June 23 the company announced the availability of difficulties with the production of white iPhone 4. July 23, 2010 Apple announced that the white iPhone 4 to produce a still very difficult and he won’t be available until the end of the year. April 27, 2011, the company announced the start of sales of the white iPhone 4.

For some reason, Apple made its customers to wait that long for the release of the smartphone in a white body, is unclear. In other words, it is not always the company has to submit the unfinished product, even if we are talking about Apple. The case of AirPods ā€“ another mistake from the category of those that we don’t expect from Apple. Not the bad times experienced by the company to the effect that she had to show non-existent products.

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Clifton Nichols

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