Facebook introduced video app Lasso

Facebook announced Lasso is the app where you can create mini clips. It drew the attention of the journalists The Verge.

In the app description said, “that Lasso allows you to easily create short videos with funny effects and share them with friends.” There are trends, hashtags, music overlay and editing tools.

Since Lasso belongs to Facebook, it integrates into the ecosystem of the company. This means that you can log in to the app using Facebook account or Instagram, and, accordingly, created in the Lasso video also can be shared on these platforms. Synchronization with a social network already set up, and a similar function for stories Instagram will likely appear later.

The release of such a program, much like TikTok (Chinese application where you can create short clips), is a desperate attempt by Facebook to win over a younger audience, as now the social network is only half of American adolescents.

Download Lasso from iTines here. However, at the time of writing this news app was available for installation on the territory of Russia.

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