Following Apple Google free update purchased movies to 4K

With the release of 4K HDR content on iTunes last year, Apple users, updating previous purchases video up to higher resolutions free. Google may take that step in the service Play Movies, judging by the lines of code found in the Android app.

According to the portal Android Police, version 4.8 of the app Google Play Movies & TV contains a few strings, relating to the updating of content to 4K resolution. When it will be released, hint app will show what movies are “getting a free upgrade to 4K”.

Users will be able to see the content at a higher quality on supported devices. This is indicated by the following lines in your application code:

<string name=”interstitial_upgrade_description”>Enjoy this higher quality on any 4K supported device</string>

<string name=”interstitial_upgrade_header”>%1$d of your movies just got a free upgrade to 4K</string>

Also the app will get a new filter that will display the content updated to 4K, with the ability to sort by date of update.

<string name=”filter_upgraded_to_4k”>Upgraded to 4K</string>

<string name=”sort_by_upgrade_date”>Date Upgraded</string>

<string name=”upgraded_to_4k”>Upgraded to 4K</string>

Finally, Google will introduce such a program, given the prevalence of 4K content and hardware capabilities.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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