Former Apple designers acted as experts in litigation against Samsung

In may 2018 old dispute between Apple and Samsung over the design of smartphones was again considered in the court. Former Apple designers expressed its expert opinion, according to CNET.

Former Apple designers acted as experts in litigation against Samsung

At the request of Apple, was invited industrial designer Alan ball and graphic designer Susan Kare, who worked on creating icons for the original Macintosh in the early 1980s. It Susan Kare is the author of the famous smiling logo Mac.

Ball and Kara familiarized with the patents describing the iPhone, which accused Samsung of copying.

The experts came to the conclusion that despite the fact that the gadget is, of course, consists of different components, the documents protect the whole device. Solid smartphones can be disassembled only by using special tools, with it it is necessary to have some skills. So a normal user will not be able to create a similar device.

In turn, the lawyers for Samsung argue that the patents describe only a portion of the devices and not the product itself, and are convinced that their client did not violate copyright.

To determine what counts as a product, the court will have to answer four questions:

  • what is actually patented;
  • how noticeable design in the final product;
  • how much implementation differs from the concept;
  • is it possible to separate proprietary element from a device.

The experts will prepare closing arguments by Friday, 18 may 2018. The first meeting of jury will take place on Monday, may 21, 2018.

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