How Apple could change the App Store in the browser

Apple rapidly updating its app store and music, but hardly anyone would argue that the web version of App Store and iTunes Store looks outdated compared to what we see in the App Store on iOS and Mac. In this case, Apple’s updates have been slow, although the web version of the app store is clearly less informative.

Therefore, one of the designers Studio STRV plucked up courage and drew the concept of the App Store, which would be great to see directly in the browser, writes 9to5Mac. In fact, the page of the app looks almost the same as in the app Store app for Mac, but can trace definite similarities with the web version of Google Play.

In one click you can view a screenshot from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, just below to know the size of the application to see not only the recent reviews, but the most useful, as well as to write a review.

Indeed, in this form, the page of the application looks much more interesting, informative and, most importantly, more familiar to users of iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. In particular, this innovation will be welcomed by the owners of computers based on Windows, which do not have to install iTunes to see the range of content in the store.

Well, we’ve held our breath waiting for updates!

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