How much Apple spends on advertising? Big-big secret!

The ad campaigns of Apple and its products, it is impossible to confuse with others. You will hardly meet at least one roller, built on plaintive stories about gigabytes, megapixels and megahertz. Instead, the Cupertino prefer to focus consumers ‘ attention on other, more important things. For example, high quality photography, design and, of course, the features of the operating system. But that kind of honesty is worth a lot of money. So great that Apple decided not to talk about them at all.

This year, Apple Inc. for the first time refused to disclose the cost of advertising and promotion of its own products. This was in the night from 24 to 25 November, Business Insider writes, citing representatives of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA. According to analysts of the Agency adopted by the management of the company the decision might be related to the beginning of a more aggressive promotion policy with the aim of increasing the client audience.

Apple spending on advertising is continuously growing for the last eight years, last year reaching a record high of $ 1.8 billion. Advertising the 2015 budget was twice what the company spent in the previous year, and nearly 400% higher than eight years ago. It is not excluded that this year the cost of promotion has grown so much that in Cupertino decided to simply hide them.

The company explains this decision by the desire to optimize the cost of promotion. “Advertising costs occur as needed and are included in the total commercial spending,” said Apple, noting that this expense annualized is about $ 14 billion. It also, incidentally, included the salaries of the staff of the company that, according to data provided by Apple Inc, over the past year increased by 19%.

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