How popular iOS 10?

The share of devices running iOS 10 has reached 33% in less than a week since its official release, according to Mixpanel Analytics. This indicates a smaller percentage of users ‘ interest in the updated OS compared to the previous year. Despite the abundance of software flaws in iOS 9, named one of the most problematic versions of the mobile “OSes”, its share has reached 50% in just 4 days.

iOS 10 debuted last week and already in the first day was set at 14% of all compatible devices. Thus, as of September 20, more than 60% of iPhone, iPad or iPod is still running iOS 9. Bitter past experience, many users prefer to wait in order to experience all the hardships and privations own haste on themselves and their gadgets.

The update includes a record number of new features and, despite surviving the design, called the leadership of the company one of the biggest upgrades. While perhaps the most controversial innovation was the abandonment of the iconic slide to unlock “Slide to unlock”, which replaced by pressing the “Home”. To see the full and final review of iOS 10, you can by clicking this link.

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