Apple drove Samsung out of the top five vendors of smart watches

Say Apple Watch is not for sale? And here and there. The latest data from IDC show that for the third quarter of 2015, Apple has sold so many hours that ousted Samsung from industry leaders.

As follows from the reports of analysts, Apple sold 3.9 million hours, while on the first place settled Fitbit c indicator 4.7 million devices. Third, fourth and fifth place occupied by Xiaomi, Garmin and BBK, respectively. Samsung, which was previously in the rankings, places in this time was not.

Breaking into the rankings this year, Apple has already won 18.6% of the market of wearable electronics. The leader Fitbit 22,2 %, so the gap is negligible.

I wonder how the situation will change in the next quarter. Overall, the results of the past three months, the world has shipped 21 million wearable devices. A lot or a little? Given that quarterly Apple ships tens of millions of iPhone, it’s a drop in the ocean.

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