How to manually adjust the speed of the fan in the MacBook

Show you how to take control of the cooling system in laptops, to avoid overheating and reduced performance due to improper operation of the cooler.

Those who have a MacBook have probably noticed how the computer runs when performing simple tasks. For example, during web browsing or text editing. In most cases, the macOS does not include a built in laptop fans, as the processor does not emit a large amount of heat, and passive cooling is enough.

Coolers are only enabled when a user launches a game or any demanding program like Pixelmator or Photoshop. This computer behavior can lead to a number of problem, one of which is overheating.

To avoid this, you can control the speed of the fan manually via the app Macs Fan Control.

The program shows the temperature of different components of the system and prompts you to choose between automatic control and manual cooling. Choosing the second option, you can choose to specify the rotation speed of the coolers. So you can pre cool the computer to prevent overheating problems.

Yes, if you use Macs Fan Control, the computer will start to make noise, and quite strongly, so you’ll have to make a choice. Either silence or a cold laptop.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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