How to quickly search for friends ‘ profiles in Instagram

A name tag is a simple way to share your Instagram account. The social network creates an image, QR-code, which is encrypted link to the user page. Thus there is no need to look for the desired profile through a search, and nickname.

In order to go the desired page now just hover your smartphone’s camera on the name tag shared by the owner of the desired account. On the other hand, you will be able to create the code and send it to friends, or just to display on the screen of the smartphone.

First, you need to have on your device the latest version of Instagram and to be there registered. You then go to the tab profile and click the menu button in the upper right corner (three horizontal stripes). In the opened window, select the “Personalized label”.

How to make a shortcut

There are three ways to make a shortcut. Change the way by clicking on the button in the center top of the screen. Initially it says “color” and this is just the first option. You can also change the appearance of the page, by clicking on the empty space next to a white square label. There is a choice of several colors.

The second option is “smiles”. The label remains the same as in the first method, but the space around is filled not with a gradient, and smiles. They can be selected, similar to clicking on a free space.

The third option — “selfie”. The user is given the space to face and some accessories for decoration, you can choose similar color and smileys from previous versions. Click on a circle in the bottom of the screen appears the same shortcut as in the second method, but instead Emoji your the.

How to read a label

In order to read a strange name tag you need to create your own click “Scan Instagram-card”. You then need to point the camera at the label of the desired profile, match the layout specified by the application with the real picture and the app will instantly be given a link to a page in Instagram. It looks like this:

Thus, the social network Instagram shows that he sees the rapid growth of the audience of the social network and takes care of convenience of users, which can not but rejoice.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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