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To read books is much more interesting than sitting in social networks. However, to find a good app for reading books not just. I spent a lot of time comparing the book of services and is ready to share the results.

To compare I will be the only legal ways to read books, but to ignore the illegal I can’t. I do not know as in other countries, but in Russia most want download books for free. Publishers are trying to fight it and I must say that they are good at it. Just type in Google the name of the book and download it in the format you want is almost impossible. With high probability, will fall introductory snippet or link to enter the publisher’s website.

Of course, there are various sites with free books (the same “flibusta sites”, for example), but many of them blocked in Russia. Their library is smaller than that of the services, which will be mentioned below. But if you want to download the book for free, then they must be read only in the Apple Books.

Apple Books

In iOS 12 Apple completely redesigned the old app to the new Apple iBooks Books. In countries where the iBooks Store, users appreciated updated the store with recommendations on the type of App Store, and we have to settle for just the reader that in the Apple Books one of the best.

I always liked the fact that while reading night, the background in iBooks were replaced by black. Books with Apple, the company went even further and extended this feature to all the app. It seems a small thing, but it greatly affects the experience. Here is the love Apple to detail appreciated by many users.

Without the drawbacks too, was not. In the Apple Books are still used by large margins that cannot be configured. Because of this storage space is used inefficiently.

Not everyone knows, but in Russia it is possible to buy books in the iBooks store™. For this we need to have a us Apple ID and us PayPal account. The process of setting up all this complicated, but then you can use all the features of the service. In iBooks Store a large library of Russian books, which, although sold in dollars, but their prices are comparable to e-books in Russian stores.


Who doesn’t want to fool with setting up Apple Books, may use the Russian store electronic books “Litres”. He had a large library, good reader, which can be a long to customize. Prices are not much different from the competition. They sometimes just above, sometimes below, depending on work.

I don’t buy e-books. I just don’t understand why to do it, because if the service closes, then with high probability, I’ll lose my purchase. Of course it is foolish to believe that the store (talking in vague terms about “Litres”) will be closed tomorrow or next year. But no one knows what will happen in 10 or 15 years. And it’s not that I mind the money. Just a book is a subject that you want to keep, so if I have to buy a book, I choose the paper version, not electronic. Besides the price difference is not very large.

But if you want to buy e-books “Litres” is a good choice. Alternatively, I can advise to buy books directly from the publishers. Their prices are sometimes lower.


Bookmate stands out from competitors in several ways. First, it is not just a service, but a platform where the users themselves suggest books and write reviews. Second, Bookmate has books in 12 languages, including English. For many, this can be a serious argument in favor of this service.

Applications no complaints. I liked that in Bookmate reader can automatically switch to dark mode at a certain threshold of brightness or according to a schedule. But if both options are not satisfied, there is a separate button to activate the dark theme. Even has a built-in dictionary and translator, both of which help when there is an unfamiliar word.

Unfortunately, there is no Bookmate books MYTH. I know that many people like their books, so you should consider this if you want to subscribe to Bookmate. It is available in two versions: standard — 299 rubles per month and the premium is 399 rubles per month. The premium subscription increases the number of available books and provides access to foreign literature.


The main competitor of Bookmate, which also provides books by subscription. Unlike Bookmate, MyBook have book publishers a MYTH. At the same time, users MyBook does not have the same opportunities for discussion, as Bookmate.

The MyBook design I like more, but the eReader it the worst among all the apps in this collection. She doesn’t have many settings, but it’s not the biggest problem. Most of all I miss the black background, because I often read books before going to sleep. Instead, use a gray background, which looks awful with white letters and blinding night.

MyBook cheaper Bookmate. But if the difference between the standard subscription noticeable (199 rubles from MyBook vs 299 rubles from Bookmate), there is no significant difference between the premium subscription no (379 rubles from the MyBook and 399 rubles from Bookmate). Because it often happens that an interesting book only available with the premium subscription, it is not necessary to choose between these two services based on prices.

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