How to record phone conversation with iPhone

PhotoFast has introduced the world’s first device 3-in-1, support recording of all calls via mobile and voice applications on iOS devices. Novelty called Call Recorder was presented at the exhibition Computex 2017.

Since Apple refused to 3.5 mm headphone Jack on the iPhone 7, the developers PhotoFast has taken an important step forward in the development of digital recording via the Lightning connector without any digital-to-analog conversion DAC / ADC that can affect the sound quality. Support for 48 kHz format without compression PCM maintains the original high quality sound, despite the limitations of iOS.

“Call recording is not as simple as press a button on your iPhone. Therefore, to make a record, you will need a simple device and app. Today, users need security important calls. Call recorder for iOS will also allow you to make data management more intelligent. Call Recorder offers full compatibility to audio that PhotoFast believes advanced technology for the modern digital world,” said Warren Wang, CEO of PhotoFast.

The Registrar of record phone calls Call Recorder – the first of its kind device for the iPhone that allows you to record, store and share voice recordings on the Internet and phone calls. Using the device you can save all important conversations with one touch.

Just one touch and all entries go directly to the internal storage provided by the app on the MicroSD card where you can listen to, and save for years to important conversations and photos to be able to return to them at any time.

In addition, integration with card reader microSD provides the advantage of enhancing external storage, where all your music, videos, photos and contacts, you can copy from the microSD card to your iOS device and Vice versa. Using several memory cards, with Call Recorder, you can free up memory on your iPhone, share files and backup.

In order to efficiently record and process your audio files app Call Recorder + will help manage and convenient to arrange any incoming and outgoing calls. Call Recorder + allows you to edit, rename, copy, move or share files from external storage via e-mail or message. To protect the important files provided by the lockout settings and password.

The cost of a Call Recorder will be about 5600 rubles.

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