How to return to the status menu MacBook information about the remaining time of battery life

Updating macOS Sierra 10.12.2 Apple not only fixed various bugs and made improvements to the security system of the operating system. One of the innovations of this issue was the disappearance from the top menu of information about remaining operation time of the MacBook’s battery life.

In Cupertino believe that the Outlook for the battery computer on battery too rough, so it can lead the user astray. The remaining work time can be constantly changing, it all depends on what tasks are performed on a laptop at one time or another.

Opinion “MacOS users” on this matter is not asked, although it is clear that many would not have supported this initiative. Some believe that Apple thus decided to cover up the real problem. It is known that some MacBook Pro owners claim that their laptops are working from 5-6 hours instead of the claimed 10.

Anyway, the problem with the indicator of the autonomy of the MacBook can be solved with the application Juice. Juice makes a simple thing: put in a status bar macOS additional icon, clicking on which you can see the battery level and find out the weather at the time of Autonomous work laptop. The indicator is in the form of emoticons or ASCII characters this display the duration of battery life.

For those who do not want to use a separate utility Juice, it is possible to get the native indicator following these instructions. By the way, macOS is counting up the MacBook while working offline, but this information can only be found in the section “Monitoring system”.

The application Juice can be found in a Github repository.

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Clifton Nichols

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